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Catalyzing Everyone To Make a Difference for the Environment

Jumpstart Nature’s Mission

Jumpstart Nature leverages technology, behavioral science, and communications best practices to empower people and organizations to make a difference.

Jumpstart Nature serves as a catalyzer and connector for everyone who wants to do something for the environment. And while we may not reach “everyone” on day one, every program and product we create will have scalability and measurability in mind.

Learn About Jumpstart Nature

When Michael Hawk founded Jumpstart Nature, he noticed an unfortunate theme: many people he knew felt defeated by the enormity of the biodiversity crisis and climate change. They wondered “What can I do? I’m just one person”, or “How do I even start? There is so much conflicting and misleading information.” Michael wanted to do something about this.

But Michael didn’t want to create yet another environmental organization unless there was a reason to. After careful analysis and speaking with people in the community, he recognized that many organizations were doing great work, but either lacked the scale, the visibility, the technological background, or willingness to break through to the next level of impact.

As a result, Jumpstart Nature is designed to scale by leveraging best practices learned from the top tech companies. Jumpstart Nature will be multi-disciplinary, partnering with experts in environmental social sciences so that we can help empower those who want to help the environment. Jumpstart Nature will continually educate and reach new audiences through our content creation initiatives. And of course, we don’t want to “re-create the wheel”, so we intend to promote and amplify the great work being done by so many other organization.

About Our Founder

NOTE: Jumpstart Nature is actively seeking a co-founder. Enquire with Michael if you like the vision and approach – especially if you have ideas on how to improve it!

Founder Michael Hawk knew that he wanted to take his Silicon Valley technology know-how and do something for the environment. He’d witnessed first-hand the steady decline of the natural places he loved, as well as a disconnect from nature among his friends and colleagues.

In 2017, Michael decided to make a 5 year plan, allowing him to exit his Silicon Valley engineering management job and devote his efforts to the environment. This plan included college courses, volunteering with numerous organizations, starting Nature’s Archive podcast, and developing and honing those transferrable skills from his workplace.

In May 2022, Michael made the jump, leaving his job at Google to start Jumpstart Nature. Ever methodical, he has been working through his development and launch plan, aiming to launch by the end of 2022 (IRS paperwork permitting!)

About Our Volunteers

Tracy Apperson – Social Media Coordinator

Tracy Apperson is a NAI Certified Interpretive Guide, Advanced Indiana Master Naturalist, herbalist, writer, teacher, and scientist. She lives in Indiana with her husband Ryan, where they teach wilderness and bushcraft skills. Tracy is a contributing writer for “Backwoods Survival Guide” and “Prepper Survival Guide” magazines. She is passionate about nature and the environment. She spends her free time volunteering for environmental agencies and programs which help people connect with and appreciate nature.

Emily Smith – Media Editing and Production

Emily Smith is a recent graduate of Santa Clara University with a degree in Environmental Studies and Studio Art. Emily’s path to environmental studies began seven years ago when Emily decided to switch to a vegan diet for ethical reasons. She received backlash for this decision, which sparked her interest in learning about and teaching others about the impact that a plant based diet can have on our health, our relationship with animals, and the environment. Emily furthered her education on sustainability throughout her four years in college through classes, volunteering, and various on-campus activities. Emily lives in San Francisco and spends her free time teaching yoga, creating art, hiking, and cooking new vegan meals!

Some Inspiration

It’s not just an education issue, but a connection issue. People need to connect the importance of the environment to something they care about.


There is so much diversity in nature that by spending time in nature, you are guaranteed to find your meaning reflected back towards you.

Adapted from Soulcraft, by Bill Plotkin, PhD

Let curiosity prevail over fear.

Michael Hawk

Let’s build something together.