Jumpstart Nature’s unique combination of expertise and approaches will help solve our biggest problems.

Our Scaling Expertise

Many organizations are not built to scale. They take on projects that have a lot of overhead and manual effort (what we call “toil”). “Short cuts” to solutions incur a unique type of operational “debt”. This operational debt is not monetary, but rather overhead in processes and time spent, or “technical” debt that could make solutions buggy or hard to roll out.

With our management experience, every aspect of Jumpstart Nature will consider “toil” and “operational debt” to ensure we maximize our output in the most scalable manner.

And to reach the maximum number of people, we will leverage mobile technology and media (podcasts, social media, video, and more).

Our Product Expertise

We’ve taken another lesson from our experience in the tech industry and are adopting Agile program management in conjunction with a “minimum viable product” approach to our product and solution launches.

We treat everything as a “product”, whether it is an app, a podcast, or a webinar. Using agile program management, we incorporate processes that allows us to rapidly incorporate lessons that we learn as we go. With small, focused goals each week, velocity increases. See our approach to Minimum Viable Products to see how these benefits compound.

Our Minimum Viable Product Approach

Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) are another lesson from the tech world. An MVP is essentially the core minimum set of features that you will launch with.

Reducing a “grand plan” to a core starting point means you can launch faster. And launching faster means you’ll more quickly learn what users really want. This allows you to iterate, correct, and improve at a rapid rate, especially when combined with Agile Program Management.

Consider the alternative – you plan a full featured product that will take 24 months to launch (as opposed to an MVP that takes 6 months). By the time you launch in 24 months, user requirements will have changed, technology and tech services you rely on will have changed, and it is very likely that some of the features you spent months working on were not as popular as you expected. MVPs mitigate all of these risks.

Our Social and Behavioral Science Expertise

One of the biggest challenges we seek to overcome is “defeatism”. This is where people don’t or can’t even try to help the environment. We’ve all heard it “I’m just one person – how can I make a difference?”. “Where can I get trustworthy information? I give up.”

Social and Behavioral Sciences can help! Whether it is establishing new habits, creating personal identities, or following through on goals, these disciplines can help!

Jumpstart Nature seeks to integrate these approaches, with the help of experts in the field, to help achieve our mission of empowering everyone to make a difference for the environment!