Jumpstart Nature is a next-generation nature conservation and outreach nonprofit, founded by Michael Hawk of Nature’s Archive.

Our Mission is To Catalyze Everyone to Make a Difference for the Environment

Launching Summer 2022!

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Why Another Nature Nonprofit?

Well, it’s pretty clear from stories and research like this (Mass Biodiversity Loss Would Slash Global Credit Ratings Within a Decade) and this (IPCC Report) that we need anyone and everyone with the means to do more. The former shows that even without climate change, biodiversity loss will send shockwaves through our economic systems and stability. And the IPCC report, well, I think we all know what climate change is already doing.

Jumpstart Nature intends to take a new approach, giving agency to individuals to make change, showing pathways to make a difference through whatever means you may have.

It will lean into scalable technology and cross-disciplinary approaches leveraging social science, environmental science, communications, and of course, environmental science.

It will strike a balance between the urgency needed, and the longer term strategy and belief cultivation required to bigger, lasting change.

Stay tuned!

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