A New and Innovative Approach to Conservation

Jumpstart Nature’s strategy combines tech know-how, scalable approaches and solutions, an ethos of partnership and connection, and social sciences to empower individuals and amplify existing organizations.

“I would not have started Jumpstart Nature if I didn’t think there were gaps in existing environmental conservation approaches that we could improve upon or fix.”

Michael Hawk, Jumpstart Nature founder

Tech-First Approach

We’re applying best practices from the tech industry when they make sense – Agile program management, “Minimum Viable Products” to learn what users like and need, rapid iteration, scalable approaches that minimize “technical debt” and toilsome overhead.

The Best of Behavioral Science

So many people are overwhelmed by the enormity of the climate and biodiversity crises that they have trouble getting started, or even seeing how they can make a difference. But Jumpstart Nature knows they can! We leverage research from the emerging Environmental Sociology and Climate Psychology fields to empower people and give them a sense of agency.

We Are Connectors!

At our founding, we saw many great nonprofits doing phenomenal work. But they largely fell into two camps: too small to reach more than dozens of people, or too large to be nimble and try new approaches. Jumpstart Nature is not only trying to avoid those pitfalls, but our strategy seeks to actively connect our users to nonprofits that are already doing great work. After all, why “recreate the wheel”?