Prepare to shatter preconceptions and debunk myths about the world around us, all while uncovering the astonishing truths hidden within nature and climate. Embark on a transformative journey with Jumpstart Nature, an innovative podcast that melds captivating storytelling with cutting-edge science.

Join your guide, Griff Griffith, as each episode whisks you away on an immersive adventure like no other. From unearthing hidden wonders to sparking a passion for change, Jumpstart Nature promises to entertain, enlighten, and empower.

Are you ready to be captivated, surprised, and inspired to make a lasting impact? Tune in to Jumpstart Nature and experience nature’s mysteries as never before.

Beyond a podcast, Jumpstart Nature is a movement fueled by volunteers, igniting a fresh approach to reconnecting people with the natural world. In the face of our pressing climate and biodiversity challenges, we’re on a mission to help you discover newfound purpose and motivation.

Join us in this vital journey towards nature’s revival. Explore more and show your support at, and follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter.

For even deeper nature insights, delve into our companion podcast, Nature’s Archive.

Meet the Jumpstart Nature Podcast Team!

Michael Hawk – Creator, Producer, Writer
Griff Griffith – Host, Writer
Michelle Balderston – Writer, Producer

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